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EMFs are Us

Like it or not,
we are inherently Electrical.

When we allow the world outside us,
to interfere with what goes on inside us,
trouble occurs. In engineer-speak we have
violated EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility).

So we want that world outside of us,
to be low EMF. Yeah? Along come magic cures of
"harmonizers, balancers, resonators, etc."
But they\\'re all smoke and mirrors.
Read on to get some insight on what\\'s what.


EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Irritants

Power System operation,

Stray Currents and Voltages.

What is a Proper EMF Assessment?

Solar Benefit Revelations, 20190904.

Metering Harmonics, aka DE / "dirty" electricity


Sample EMF Investigations:

Three Wise Men???

Solar "Benefits"

Digital Taxi



ELECTRIC HOSTAGE, exclusively available here, $100 + $10 post in US (peek).
Graphics-rich, in color, and with test protocols. For you or your electrician.
Puts into hard-copy the four major EMF elements (Electric fields, Magnetic fields,
Harmonics ("dirty" electricity), and Radio Frequency), expanded from portions of this site.
Cut through the BS of blogosphere myths, know and clear what ails you.
Includes E & M field probes. Missed yours? Oops. Send note for them.

If you have a copy, and feel "lost," send us a message for help.

Electric Hostage front cover


For your own copy, please send a check to:
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AND if you want random insights
from my meanderings, you may wish
to glance through my
musings / blog.