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EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Irritants

EMFs, electromagnetic fields, is "dark" science to many,
mostly due to invisibility. Yet it's fundamental to our universe,
and US - without EMFs our universe would not exist.
But with a few basic tools, and a little skill, they become known.
Voltage(s) produce Electric Fields - - Currents produce Magnetic Fields,
Irregular (nonlinear) use of Current produces Harmonics,
Instantaneous demand for Current creates Transients,
Fast changes in Electric and Magnetic fields creates RF (Radio Frequency).

The html files below give some insight on the topic.
The book goes into more depth and structure.
The FAQ provides insight into some questions,
"twisted" by visitors due to lack of awareness.

Power System operation,

Stray Currents and Voltages.

On Metering Harmonics or "DE,"

Solar Benefit Revelations, 20190904.


Sample EMF Investigations:

Solar "Benefits"

Digital Taxi

ELECTRIC HOSTAGE, now available, $100 + $10 post in US (peek).
Graphics-rich, in color, and with test protocols. For you or your electrician.
Puts into hard-copy the four major EMF elements (Electric fields, Magnetic fields,
Harmonics, and Radio Frequency), expanded from what was previously on this site.
Now more relevant, due to social restrictions, forcing many to hermit away
where formerly you could go for a walk in the park, or elsewhere less stressful.
Cut through the BS of blogosphere myths, know and clear what ails you.
Someone stated this was for professionals, and the price was too high.
this is designed to be easy to peruse and grasp, and is much less expensive
than paying for one or more consultants who blow smoke, and "take you for a ride."

Electric Hostage front cover

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