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Colleagues in related disciplines in North America:






Katharina Gustavs BBC
Rainbow Consulting
Expertise in most areas of IAQ and EMF assessment.
5237 Mt. Matheson Rd.
Sooke BC V9Z 1C4 Canada
(250) 642-2774
E-mail: info @ buildingbiology.ca
Website: buildingbiology.ca/


Lisa Baas - BBEC
Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Subtle, yet effective, health care remedies.

2358 Sunshine Rd.
Allentown, PA 18103
(610) 841-9300
E-mail: lisabaas @ ptd.net
Website: livingartsmedicine.com



Charles Keen
EMF Services

Engineering Expertise in most areas of the EMF spectrum, specializing in Active Cancellation of Magnetic fields.
EMF Services LLC
16681 Amazon Ln
Fort Myers, FL 33908
(845) 276-9500
FAX: (866) 321-2082
E-mail: contact @ emfservices.com
Website: EMFservices


May Dooley
Enviro Health - Environmental
Home Inspections, Inc.

Expertise in EMFs, Mold and IAQ issues, can analyze Viable samples on site with own microscope.
1009 Hemlock Circle
Manheim PA 17545
(888) 735-9649
E-mail: may @ createyourhealthyhome.com
Website: Create-your-healthy-home






Peter Sierck
Registered Environmental Assessor
Florida Licensed Mold Assessor
Environmental Testing & Technology, Inc.
Expertise in most areas of
IAQ and EMF assessment.

5431 Avenida Encinas, Suite F
Carlsbad, CA 92008
(760) 804-9400 - Office
Fax: (760) 804-9433
Cell: (760) 519-2271
E-mail: psierck @ etandt.com
Website: IAQ , or EMF


International Institute for
(building biology)
and Ecology
Building-Biologists with various
specialties / Training and Certification.

IBE, P.O. Box 8520
Santa Fe, NM 87504-8520
E-mail: infopod @ buildingbiology.net
Website: http://hbelc.org/

Chris Buonocore - BBEC, BS Indoor Health
Life Source Environmental Solutions, LLC - EMF Assessments
Harrisonburg VA
(202) 309-4084
E-mail: chris @ thelifesourcesolution.com
Website: The Life Source Solution


Stephen Scott
Environmental Electrics
60 Hz Magnetic and Electric fields, and HF E-field Testing.
Abatement and Design, RF testing and exposure management.

42 Maybeck
Novato, CA 94949
(415) 328-8650
E-mail: emfscott1 @ gmail.com

  Eric Billitier - BBEC
Axis Environmental Solutions LLC - EMF Assessments
Lake Worth, Florida
(561) 855-4387
E-mail: eric @ aesolutions.info
Website - aesolutions.info

Joel-Anthony Gray - B.S.E.E. / Nanoscience
ScanTech Technical Consulting

Dallas TX
(214) 912-4691
Website: EMF, IAQ, Radon and Radiation testing / surveys, Biomedical EMI & ESD consulting


Inclusion of any Consultant herein, does not imply their full agreement with positions advanced here.


Foundational information can be found in:


ENERGY MEDICINE, The Scientific Basis,
James L. Oschman, Candace Pert,
Publisher: Churchill Livingstone, Inc., - 2000, ISBN: 0-443-06261-7

This book is also recommended as a link to many other resources, as it has an excellent reference section with each chapter.

CROSS CURRENTS, The Perils of Electropollution, The Promise of Electromedicine
Robert O. Becker M.D.,
Publisher: James P. Tarcher Inc. 1990, ISBN 0-87477-609-0.

This book is recommended for an understanding of the Electromagnetic aspect of biology, and its interaction with surrounding EMFs.

Radio-Frequency and ELF Electromagnetic Energies - A Handbook For Health Professionals
R. Timothy Hitchcock, Robert M Patterson,
Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1995, ISBN 0-442-00945-3.

This book presents technical aspects of EMF, and the traditional understanding of EMFs and their interactions with life.

The Healthy School Handbook,
Norma L. Miller, Editor,
an NEA Professional Library Publication (800-229-4200) -

A book that integrates Indoor Air Quality, Lighting, Pesticide / Herbicide / other chemical, and EMF issues. Although oriented toward a school setting, it can be directly applicable to other home/work settings, and it does well in elaborating on indoor environmental irritants from diverse authors and disciplines.

Environmental Hyper-Sensitivity is most likely a progression of years of biological stress, although in certain cases it may be generated by acute exposure(s). If the illness is severe, it will be difficult to produce immediate and miraculous cures (God alone can do that). One must expect a gradual improvement, as environmental conditions are not always fully remediable.

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EMF related:

Evidence that Electromagnetic Radiation is Genotoxic
Dr. Neil Cherry - 2001
Excellent and detailed paper on EMFs in general, and RF specifically
"Historical Evidence That Residential Electrification Caused The Emergence Of The Childhood Leukemia Peak
S. Milham, E.M. Ossiander - 2001
Evidence that Electromagnetic fields from high voltage powerlines and in buildings, are hazardous to human health, especially to young children
Dr. Neil Cherry - 2001
Excellent and detailed paper on ELF EMFs
Corcom Inc.
Electrical Noise filters of various sizes and spectral ranges.
The Electric Universe
From a Research perspective
From News and Recent Developments
A perhaps radical but correct perspective of our physical universe,
and some hints of how we are part of it.

IAQ related:

Chemical Injury Information Network
Browse this site to learn about chemical sensitivity, related issues, subscribe to "Our Toxic Times", etc.
Indoor Air Quality Association
Browse this site to find Certified Indoor Environmentalists, Certified Mold Remediators, and related links.
Indoor Environmental Connections
Browse this site to find Flood Restoration equipment and professionals.
Home Air Check Professional
Premiere Analytical Lab offering Mold VOC & TVOC in a single air sample. Rent the pump and run in your home, then have the sample tube analyzed. Results may indicate no need for concern, or suggest further investigation. Contact P.A.T.I. or me for pump rental.
OIKOS Green Building Source
An excellent treatise on Breathing Walls, Hygroscopicity, and the impact of daily activities on Indoor Moisture Content.
NASA derived research
Page depicting various plants and their VOC removal abilities.
Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization Australia
Research into VOC emissions inside new cars.
An Excellent Resource for Engineering Fundamentals pertinent to IAQ and Ventilation Systems
"Aerobiological Engineering" From the Pennsylvania State University
Airborne Respiratory Diseases and Mechanical Systems for Control Of Microbes - W.J. Kowalski, William Bahnfleth - Pennsylvania State University, Architectural Engineering Dept. The best source found so far on Mold (and other airborne particulates), their impact, and their management indoors.
A brief on Mold and the essential categories they fit in.
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Tools For Schools Kit. Free EPA material that every school administrator and concerned parent should have. It details how to go about making a school healthy in a comprehensive fashion. Available on the web or by phone (800-438-4318)
And the Best Site on Growing Fresh Air or Clean Water
Wolverton Environmental