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Assessment and Remediation Consulting

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Indoor Analytical Services


Indoor Air Quality / Mold Surveys.

EMF Surveys.

Wiring System Commissioning.

Pre-construction consulting with client or architect,
to preclude integrating problems into a new structure.

Pre-purchase / pre-lease consulting to identify
problem areas, before moving to a new residence.


Remediation of Alternating Electric (where possible) and Magnetic fields in concert with an electrician of your choice.

Work with your physician to identify the nature of the biological irritant, and recommend corrective measures to reduce or eliminate the irritant.

Fee Structure (Updated 20230106):

Survey and written Report with:

First Hour on site: - - - - - $200

Additional time: - - - - - -  $120 / hour

(An IAQ or EMF assessment usually lasts one to two hours),
(Coverage of Both IAQ and EMF requires two to four hours),
(A Real Estate assessment usually lasts one hour or less).

Travel Fee (for round trip time from Plymouth, IN): $60 / hour

General note about travel estimates: I use GPS as a means of navigating most anywhere. However, the estimates are generally incorrect, except for very brief, or short, trips. When more than one hour of one-way travel is involved, there arises the unpredictability of traffic delays, and other necessities such as fuel, food, and rest stops. While navigation systems estimate travel time based on continuous travel at the speed limit, reality limits travel to and average of about 50 mph, increasing any navigational estimate. Ironically, when I was younger and hitchhiked across America on various occasions, then too I averaged about 50 mph.

Expedited Availability Fee (less than three days\\' notice): +$200

Expedited Report Fee (less than one week after visit):   +$200

Environmental issues are not emergencies, usually. If you just bought a meter, and it gives you some numbers you are concerned about, realize that you may have been exposed to those "numbers" for some time. You will not die from that exposure, just because you now know of it. Asking me then to drop everything and come running will require extra cost, because I may have to deny other clients the timely benefit of my services.

Mold or other Samples for lab analysis: $50 each and up, depending on the type of sample.

Expedited lab analysis fee: varies with level of urgency, and type of sample.

Offsite Research / Documentation: $90/hour.

Remote Consulting: First 15 minutes free, then $90/hour.
This includes E-mail, which also takes time.)

General note about measurement and fees: I am well aware that you are interested in, and deserve, legitimate data with which you can make informed decisions. However, some want "legally defensible" measurement data, or more detail. This requires more (or different) tools, additional time, and increases the cost substantially. As in all things, your choices determine your cost.

Payment in full is required at date of service, before leaving the premises.
Should you wish other financial arrangements, they need to be discussed before a visit.
Courtesy Discounts, when included, are at the sole discretion of the author, after payment, not before.


Environmental Assay Inc.

Sal La Duca
Indoor Environmental Consultant

BSBA (www.phoenix.edu/), BBEC (hbelc.org/),
CIEC (www.iaqa.org), RFSO trained (www.narda-sts.us)
FCC Licensed with Radar endorsement (www.fcc.gov/),
Nuclear Reactor Operator USN, 6 years,
Power System Operator, 5 kV to 230 kV, 6 years,
Nuclear / Radiological / Communications I & C Tech, 40+ years.

Whether New-contruction, Pre-purchase, or Existing, living / working spaces
evaluated for possible or existing Chemical or Electrical concerns.
Immediate recommendations, with formal follow-up report, with end-goal that
if relevant, any reduction is beneficial.

P.O. Box 610
Plymouth, IN 46563-0610
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(574) 935-0870


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