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Surviving in a Sick World

Today's modern conveniences have pushed technologies into our living spaces that can
make us sick. One of the most tangible symptoms is inability to sleep, restfully, or at all.
Other symptoms are associated with increased incidence of various diseases.
The two groups of irritants found in our living spaces that can do this are:

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Irritants

  1. Airborne Particulates in order of decreasing size
  2. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  3. Airflow Dynamics And Fresh Air

Sample IAQ Investigations:
IAQ Damage Control
Indoor Air Quality. Really?

EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Irritants

  1. Which Fields are the worst?
  2. Alternating Electric Fields
  3. Alternating Magnetic Fields
  4. Stray Currents and Voltages
  5. Harmonics - a.k.a. dirty electricity
  6. Power Systems, and their failures
  7. RF (Radio Frequency)

Sample EMF Investigations:
Solar "Benefits"
Digital Taxi

While there can be many commonalities among various assessments,
each has its uniqueness, as I attempt to highlight in the above investigations sampler,
as the various clients have differing emphasis and interests.

For those Weathering The Storm(s)

Tips for Hiring a Contractor After a Natural Disaster
Storm Damage Resources
FEMA Fact Sheet on Cleaning Flooded Buildings
The American Red Cross / FEMA Guide on Repairing Your Flooded Home

The Above Storm Links courtesy of:
IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association)

IAQA Annual Meeting:
January 14-16, 2019 Atlanta, GA

Presentations, including one by the yours truly


Disclaimer - These documents are not the "holy grail" of environmental perspectives, yet they address many details that can be harmful to life. Appropriately dealing with the problems presented will provide healing, and possibly immediate and dramatic relief; but, dealing with the problems inappropriately can make the situation worse. These documents, however incomplete (and purposely so), are sufficiently detailed to provide remedy for those who have access to moderate technical expertise (The unfortunate reality is that most people are technically ignorant about their surroundings. Hopefully, this will help.). Nonetheless, I cannot be held liable for mishaps due to your attempts to meddle with technical systems without proper knowledge and skill.

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