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In the recent past Magnetic "Healing" Products have proliferated, along with their claims. There are reasons why they should work, and reasons why some do not. This brief intends to expose both.

Magnetism, the end result of anything inherently magnetized, can be a health assist, when properly identified as to its mechanism and limitations.

Magnetism interacts with all biological metabolisms with an indirect mechanism known as Cyclotron Resonance. This phenomenon dictates that charged particles will orbit in a stationary pattern at a specific frequency, within a non-changing magnetic field. The Earth's background provides such a field. Relative to any person, it is a whole-body field wherein the entire body is immersed. Regardless of the orientation of any individual with respect to the background field, the interaction is the same because it involves microscopic activity of ions floating about in our fluid systems. The charge of the particle, its mass, the strength of the field, and the length of the chemical bond influence the stationary orbits. While the charge, and mass, can be considered constants, the others can be influenced.

cyclotron resonance curve

Chemistry involves bonding where the charges (electrons) are more or less evenly shared. When they are more evenly shared, the bond is identified as a Covalent bond, and it displays little in the way of polarization. When they are less evenly shared, the bond is identified as Ionic, displays polarization, uneven charge distribution, and a small charged particle attached to a larger particle with equivalent but opposite charge. Although the compound is overall electrically neutral, the uneven charge distribution positions it for interaction with a magnetic field. In this respect there is an overall magnetically-induced molecular/atomic agitation that can be thought of as the "vibration of life". As the field strength is increased, the agitation is increased, accelerating associated chemical processes.

Archeological evidence indicates that single cell organisms experienced massive die-offs during past magnetic fluctuations. Additionally, the relationship formula for the resonance phenomenon indicates a higher level of activity with a stronger field. This also suggests that as the field diminishes, the agitation likewise diminishes. This has important implications for human and other complex life on this planet.

This behavior suggests that distorted magnetic fields (relative to a "normal" background) can produce health effects that can be localized or whole body, depending on the size of the distortion.

Because all the chemical bonds vary gradually from one to another, indicates that the orbital frequencies (as well as the transitional charge) will vary across a wide spectrum. Similar to a radio receiver that has a manual analog tuner, as the resonant circuit is tuned to various frequencies, if there are signals present near the tuned frequency, they may be received depending on their strength and the accuracy of tuning. Similarly, while all chemistry resonates at varying frequencies, signal input at or near a specific resonant frequency will affect that stable orbit. This can be considered a "windowing" effect. The orbit is influenced by increasing its orbital speed, but not its frequency. This translates to a stretched chemical bond. While this will increase associated chemical processes, it also has the potential for indirectly producing Ionization (a process common in high-energy physics), as well as abnormal chemistry.

Along this line, specific frequency signals have been used to enhance healing mechanisms by targeting chemistry-specific bonding sites.

The way the specific chemistry can be influenced then, is by:

  1. a change in the "static" background field strength, or by
  2. the addition of alternating magnetic fields at specially selected frequencies.

Alternately, any influence that increases the chemical molecular bond, or the molecules' vibratory motion, will tend to accelerate associated chemical interactions.

When a single magnet is applied to an injured area, there is immediately a localized strengthening of static magnetic field near the magnet. This will induce wide-spectrum accelerated chemical activity in the immediate area, with the possibility of accelerated healing. There may also be a localized strengthening (or reduction) of the background field farther from the magnet, depending on the magnet's field orientation with respect to the Earth's field, where it interacts with it. In this area there is accelerated (or reduced) overall chemical activity. Overall then, there is increased molecular/atomic agitation nearest the magnet, accelerated (or reduced) agitation further from the magnet, and normal background activity where the magnet's field is overshadowed by the Earth's field.

isolated magnetic field
single magnet opposing Earth's field
single magnet aiding Earth's field

As shown above, an Isolated magnet has a characteristic pattern. However, when it interacts with the Earth's field, the magnet's zone of influence is Compressed and Weakened when it Opposes the Earth's, and is greatly Expanded and Strengthened when it Aids the Earth's.

While the idea of applying magnets may be good, it may also be coupled with a reduced chemical activity in the surrounding tissue. Since a body's chemistry is unevenly distributed (i.e.: bone vs flesh), application of a magnet or magnets to certain areas and the possibility of increased healing will vary. To confound the matter, since is impossible to restrict an individual who is wearing some magnet(s) from maintaining proper alignment with the Earth's field, at some moments the relative alignment will be helpful, producing a robust increase in the general background of application, while at other moments the opposite is true, causing a conflict with the Earth's background and magnetic weak spots. Whether the localized increase in chemical activity outweighs the reduced chemical activity is surrounding area hinges on the size and strength of the magnetic application, the orientation with respect to the Earth's field, as well as the movement of the individual it is applied on. These unpredictable factors are the reason for the difficulty in repeatability of results.

The majority of small-area magnetic applications involve use of simple magnets where one surface placed against the skin is Polarized either North or South. One company with a novel scheme uses a field design that reverses every 2 cm or so (as shown below in the simplified and enlarged sketch). As the blood flows below the surface of the skin where the magnetic material is applied, its molecular magnetic alignment will supposedly change, producing a heating effect. Whether this is actually the case, or whether there is heating related to a large patch of non-porous material (be it magnetized or not) placed against the skin, that reduces localized heat loss, has not been ascertained by me.

artificial alternations magnetic pattern

A systemic increase in chemical activity, and possibly an associated accelerated healing process, can occur predictably ONLY with a change in the whole-body field. One of the ways this can be done is with many strong magnets with like alignment, as described below.

There are several manufacturers of bed mats that include magnets embedded within the material. They vary in complexity and cost. One of these has gone so far as to suggest that the effects of plus (+ or North) magnetic fields are better than minus (- or South) magnetic fields. This would imply that all individuals in the Southern hemisphere are in big trouble. This is nonsense. The reality is simply that when a magnet's field adds to the Earth's background there is chemical enhancement, and viceversa. Obviously if in the Northern hemisphere one uses a bed mat aligned to produce an overall field reduction there can be a worsening of conditions. The same result will occur if one is in the Southern hemisphere and produces a similar reduction in the resultant field.

whole bed magnetic pad - proper application
whole bed magnetic pad - improper application

Weaker Field and possibly Magnetic "Vacuum" with Improper Alignment

whole bed magnetic pad - cheap imitations

Unpredictable Results with Cheap Imitations

While the proper application can provide for a beneficial whole body chemical enhancement, care must be exercised to ensure proper alignment (easily verified with a simple 3-D magnetic compass).

3-D compass

Additionally, caution must be exercised in purchase of a whole-body system, as several vendors are providing mats with erratic or disorganized patterns that make similar "healing" claims. These would not provide an enhancement, but a dubious and varying effect over different regions of the body. A quick sweep with an inexpensive but precision instrument can be done with a Magnaprobe (a three-dimesional Magnetic "compass") as shown above. For a local supplier, simply search for Magnaprobe.